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Projects that our team has worked on

One Left (2021)

Feeling responsible for the death of his friend at the hands of an unseen creature, a man begins to question his own existence. He goes on a soul-shaking journey to find the one thing that could prevent the end of the world.

Sect (2022)

Fresh out of recovery from a personal crisis, Luke is ready for his new chance at a happy life. Though happiness is going to have to wait when Luke's close friend Mark begins singing the praises of charismatic pastor of a church in town.

Please Respond (2024)

Two detectives begin investigating a series of teen suicides that unravel into a chilling discovery.

Death After Dusk Poster 7.png

Death After Dusk (2024)

In the town of Buck Creek in 1899, the residents live in fear from a murderer known as the Buck Creek Killer. The sheriff decides to assemble a team of nine bounty hunters to track down and eliminate the ruthless killer once and for all.

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Death After Dusk | Final Trailer
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Death After Dusk | Final Trailer
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Past Due
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ONE LEFT (2021) Trailer
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Sect - Official Trailer (HD)
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